“I was delighted to find someone who believed they could help.”

“Amazing Results contacted me…my property had been on the market through a mainstream Scottish solicitors and estate agents for 6 months…with only 2 viewings…I was delighted to find someone who believed they could help. I met with them…agreed their strategy was far preferable to the ‘stick it on the website and wait’ non-strategy of the mainstream offenders. …and within two weeks Amazing Results had had 2 or 3 people through the door and serious intent to buy. Without a firm offer capable of acceptance AR continued to source interest and engaged with a number of promising leads…the flat has been under offer since November/December…yes… December!…and will exchange this month. AR are now engaged to sell another property for me….this was also on the market with the same mainstream offender…with only one viewer…and already there have been 4 contenders. If you want to sell…contact amazingresults.com and don’t waste time with the wait and see brigade.”

Emma Blackburn, Kirk House, St. John Street, Perth